Work Out. Give Back. Crush Life.

Upcoming Events

Calling all novice and advanced athletes for a team workout that is designed to test your preconceived notions of what is possible.

Each event features a special guest who will speak to the Squad for 10-15 minutes post workout.

Trust us when we say the stories they tell will inspire and empower you for some time to come.

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Our Mission

Sweat to Change is a group of women and men who empower each other through our stories, give back through charity and re-define our limits in workouts.

This is Sweat To Change.

Sweat To Change - Workout

The Squad gathers to work out at different gyms across the US while we raise money for charity. By sweating for a cause, we’re creating a community of women and men who feel good about themselves and their workouts, which carries over into personal lives and careers.

Sweat To Change - Charity

Sweat to Change proceeds are donated to charities we believe are truly making a difference for women, men, children and the many other groups who need our support. You know how great it feels to sweat? It feels even better when you SWEAT TO CHANGE the world.

Sweat To Change - Empowerment

We already know that women can accomplish amazing things — and we’re even stronger when we have the support of the men in our lives. By creating a community of men and women who share a passion for giving back and supporting one another we’re able to empower this Squad in and out of the gym.


We seek to inspire and empower the Squad by bringing in speakers like Jen Widerstrom from NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Big Brother’s Christmas Abbott to entrepreneurs like Nicole Mejia. Others you may not have heard about, but their stories will move you to your core and cast a permanent imprint on your life.

Our topics are as varied as this Squad as we tackle changing careers, dealing with depression, women’s and men’s health to domestic violence survival stories and beyond.

Meet Some Of Our Past Speakers


We donate to groups who need our help and are making a difference in all the cities Sweat To Change visits. We have given back to charities serving the LBGTQ community to disadvantaged youth to women’s specific charities seeking to empower and help the next generation.

Meet Some Of Our Partners

Over the past year, Sweat To Change (previously known as Squad WOD), a women’s-only fitness group, has been empowering sold-out crowds, and women are walking away with more than just quivering muscles.

Sweat To Change is a transformative approach to fitness that brings together women of all walks of life, inspiring and empowering us to chip away at self-doubt and insecurities through strength training of mind, body, and soul. Sweat To Change and Coach Heidi truly exemplify the saying: "When women support each other, incredible things happen."

- Mai TruongMember since 2016